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LUMPY SPACE SHAWNA -- hahhaha i get it
ALEX -- great, thanks
LUMPY SPACE SHAWNA -- B&A will always be open for members, but we will no longer be updating anything/moderating/etc.
ALEX -- aw, I seriously love this site D: will you keep it open? and I'd like to see your next project
LUMPY SPACE SHAWNA -- sorry alex, there's nothing left for this site, but i'll be sharing a link to my next project in the coming weeks
ALEX -- I'm aware, though I think this site has great potential, and I'd really love to help make tis site active again
LUMPY SPACE SHAWNA -- this site is dead, friends
ALEX -- and are we able to make sponsors?
ALEX -- anyone on?
LUMPY SPACE SHAWNA -- well we're back to the shoutbox, friends
LUMPY SPACE SHAWNA -- Final countdown! Just a few more days and we'll be back up! Start thinking about any characters you want to keep or send off to neverland!
LUMPY SPACE SHAWNA -- yo, If any of you lurkers want to be a mod, skye me@
LUMPY SPACE SHAWNA -- said shawna while logged out
LOTUS SPARKS -- i like resurgences

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